Valley Jr. High – Spring 2018

Mitchell Wade & Deborah Sigmand, PhD

Click here for instructions on setting up your classroom and student accounts: MappsLab_Instructions_April2018_2

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Prototype Features In Classroom Use

MappsLab Create Classroom Account video (2 min):

MappsLab app complete instructional video (6 min):

MappsLab Instructions – April 2018    MappsLab_Instructions_April2018
Put Yourself On The Map
Simple, not too dangerous, you’ve got this.
Or, no prep, just play with the app and you’ll get it.

Create Classroom Account
1. Go here and create your teacher account:
2. Then log in here: and “Add Classroom”
3. You will then receive a signup link for your students to create their own accounts under your classroom account.

Make A Map – use the instructions below or just play and discover the features with your students
1. Click on “Create New Map” and give it a name

2. Add a pin with a description and photo or movie
Click on the Pin icon, upper left, and click on the map.
Add Title, Description (text reads best on map if < 200 words), and Image – then Save

To add an image go to any image on the web and right click, then Copy Image URL.
Paste this into Enter media URL. Save
Add an image from your computer or camera card by clicking “Choose File.”
Add a movie by going to YouTube and copying the url

3. Create A Line With Mileage
Click on the Line icon, then click on the map, each click gives another measured segment.
Click End Line when finished. Put any info you would like in the Line Box.


4. Create a Presentation by clicking PLAY.
Each Pin and Line will become a Featured Slide
Play your presentation by clicking on the Play Arrows, or on the Slides on the bottom,
➢ You can change the order of your slides in the Dialogue Box.
➢ Really cool, you can change the Zoom Level of each slide in it’s Dialogue Box

5. Base Maps – three choices, enjoy.

6. Street View – you can enjoy and use this feature by zooming in and clicking on any icon. This is not yet integrated into MappsLab, so click the way upper left to return to your map (weird, but it works).


Mapping Ratios Instructional Activity