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A transformative STE(A)M experience – sustainable behavior change and engaged learners.

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ABCs – Awareness, Barriers, Curiosity/Creativity/Community 

December 2023—Salt Lake City and CMW have received a significant DOT SS4A Grant for TravelWell

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TravelWell is a transformative STE(A)M experience using multi-media and digital mapping for real-time identification of travel behaviors, problems, and solutions related to physical and mental health and well being.

TravelWell uses the web-based MappsLab app, designed as an interactive community empowerment tool. The first democratic mapping app, giving everyone the opportunity to participate, contribute, learn and determine the future of one’s community, state, nation and world. Using MappsLab invites critical thinking, spatial literacy and conflict resolution.
TravelWell has been designed to engage a large segment of the population that has been left out of planning as an essential civic activity. In initial testing, outcomes have demonstrated a significant increase in behavior change toward active transportation ( 2x-3x increase), actually
mirroring the amount of active transportation to schools in the 1960’s.
In one initial TravelWell classroom experience, linked to grade-appropriate CORE curriculum, students map their routes to school by color-coding their mode of transportation. Then, informed by Safe Streets and Vision Zero principles entwined with personal health considerations, students employ data gathering, analysis, and critical thinking to measure the effects of their transportation choices and those of their families- empowering them to make decisions about how they move about their community. Special attention is given to developing the critical
thinking skills necessary to convince often reluctant parents that Safe Streets has enormous impact.
In follow-up sessions, students record changes on their maps, documenting their activities along with areas of safety concern and study of real-world math and science problems related to travel choices and our surrounding environment. Data is automatically generated, recorded
and saved through interactive mapping. Data includes travel mode choices, school travel distances and the efficacy for delivery of Safe Streets for All content through TravelWell.
TravelWell is enhanced and supported by engaging community members to walk their neighborhood in coordination with local school start and dismissal times. Through direct communication with district community councils, senior centers and other stakeholders, public participation using MappsLab allows the community to highlight places in their neighborhood that, they believe, could use improvements related to safer streets and/or safer speeds.
The MappsLab app is specifically designed to deliver all the features necessary to turn every citizen into a map-maker by adding places, routes, shapes, text, photos, videos, web links, street views, and building shareable multimedia presentations- all the necessities of telling the story of your place. This community activity, driven by individual empowerment, shifts safety to a shared community responsibility.

The Experience In <4 Minutes 

Connecting personal travel habits to:

  • Health
  • Exercise
  • Pollution
  • Community
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Providing teachers with an interactive mapping app that employs the best principles of joyous learning for use across the curriculum. Crushing the tests without teaching to them.

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