Teachers – Fall 2015 – Joyous Learning

Dear Interested Educator, whether you decide to play with us now or not you have proven your mettle by even taking the time to check us out for your students. Keep up the great work. Bravo!

Patti White, Research & Evaluation Systems Support Coach, Granite SD: “Teachers are under enormous pressure to teach the CORE, Mapptivities can make learning relevant and joyous. CMW started developing Mapptivities with my classes over 5 years ago, it’s been a struggle but now you can help put the final touches on this incredible teacher’s tool.”

Laura Wheeler, Teacher Coach, Salt Lake City SD: “Engagement is the key to learning. Authentic tools like Mapptivities can empower teachers to be the grass-roots educational change agents the system needs.”

View the 1 minute trailer below, if you want to help us develop a free tool for joyous learning and collaboration contact us.

  • Come play with us
  • Give us a lesson plan that has been difficult for you and your students
  • We will design a Mapptivities Lesson that will require NO TEACHER PREP TIME (you don’t have any “spare time,” do you?)
  • Your class will need wifi and computers and as little as one class period – you will receive a classroom account of our prototype web app
  • Test Mapptivities against your previous lesson
  • Collaborate – let us know how it goes

Click here to see how Mapptivities was used to teach Language Arts and Mathematics CORE Standards

Children’s Media Workshop (CMW) is a 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit Organization

This project is a partnership with Mapps Lab

Contact: John Schaefer, Director

Salt Lake City, Utah