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WAC Championship Victory Game Highlights

Weather Report for the week of Feb 1, 2016 – Raining 3s – 31 in two games



RHS v Waterford – Video Analysis

Footage shot by future Sundance Filmmaker Mad Max The Magnificent Media Maker



Great article here on sharing the ball and success:

Golden State Success
“The biggest point to me is [Stephen] Curry,” Rivers said. “Two years ago, Curry asked for the ball. He wanted the ball in his hands more, and it didn’t work. Steve Kerr comes in and convinces him, ‘You need to have the ball less.’ And so when you look at the stats, last year, he had the ball less in his hands than the year before, and he won the MVP. That’s a great lesson. You don’t need the ball to be great. You need movement. I thought that lesson, for them, was huge. I’m trying to get us to see that too.”


Three Keys To Becoming A Great Shooter

1. Separate the shot – load the ball into a release point – as time goes on this can happen in less than a second – for now it becomes “take your time”
2. Use legs and wrist to get ball to the basket – minimum of arm movement until the ball is released, then the arms can go in one simple motion toward the basket
3. SEE THE BALL GO IN – the player must visualize exactly how the ball is going to travel to the basket

Observation is the most important skill in basketball:
Separating the shot from all other activity.
Notice how the ball is held in a steady position relative to his body
– a relatively stable target aiming at a stable target – Count it!