Immigrant Experience – Ratios

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Immigrant Experience – Train – the Beast

Train Danger


Mohsin Hamid – Exit West – We are all immigrants – anything new is immigration – 5 min PBS


MappsLab – Immigrant’s Journey Directions

Map the journey of an immigrant from Gracias, Honduras to Salt Lake City.

Show how much of the journey will be in each country and US state.

Figure out how long the journey will take walking until they get to the US border, and then driving in the US to Salt Lake City.

  1. Sign in naming your map
  2. Put pins on start/end and the aid centers that the immigrant will pass through
    – Find a photo on the web for each of these cities and put it on the City Pin

1-Gracias, Honduras

2-Salama, Guatemala

3-Ixtepec, Mexico

4-Oaxaca, Mexico

5-Guadalajara, Mexico

6-Salt Lake City, UT


The journey will be done by walking until the US border, then driving to Salt Lake City

  1. Draw one long line of travel with as many segments as necessary starting at Gracias, Honduras and passing through all of the pins above.
  • Make sure you have a segment point at each country border crossing.
  • The line can go directly across land, but must go around any large body of water through each country until it reaches XXX.
  • In the US the route must travel on any roads from xxx to SLC.
  • Make sure your line has a segment point at each state border in the US.

Tip: it is easier to see the borders if you use a the 2nd or 3rd base map choice.

  1. End Line, Save, and title it Immigrant’s Journey – SAVE!
  2. Distance: Write and answer the following in the line description (round to whole miles):

Add the segments on the line from each country’s borders

Distance in Honduras =

Distance in Guatemala =

Distance in Mexico =

Walking Distance (Sum above) =

Distance in US =


  1. Time: Walking is 20 miles/day, Driving is 50 mph. Write and answer the following:

Days walking @20mi/day = (round to whole number)

Hours driving @ 50 mph =

Sum Above = Total Journey Time = xx Days xx Hours (round hours to days) = xx Days


  1. Write the percent of the time of the total trip in Mexico – Mexico is BY FAR the most dangerous part of an immigrant’s journey – people robbing and killing them – they can’t take trains/cars

Time in Mexico (miles in Mexico/20mph – round to # of days) / Total Journey Time in Days

Mexico Time: Write as a ratio/fraction         Write as a % (xx%)