CMW MappsLab CORE Principles—HELP-teachers

Humans Love to Learn
Efficient Rigorous Learning takes place when the learner owns her learning
Learning OWNERSHIP shifts responsibility to the learner
Personal Interest drives learning ownership
Teachers must be supported with tools to tap into student interests
Teachers are learners—their experience should/MUST also be joyous

The nonprofit CMW  has been developing an extraordinary tool/app for teaching Math In The Real World utilizing interactive mapping.

MappsLab is the name of the app, and the CMW is looking for a few Math teachers to play with the app in their classrooms this May, and provide feedback.

The CMW will provide all the set-up and necessary logistical support; understanding that teachers should be supported by society in every way possible—there will also be an honorarium ($200) for the first 10 educators selected for this Spring 2022 development experience.

Selected teachers will be expected to simply use the app to teach a lesson and give brief feedback/suggestions. The teacher will provide the target learning and CMW educators will design the lesson(s) or collaborate with teachers, or the teacher will just go for it!

 If interested please contact John Schaefer