MAPPS – Long Division

Kahn Academy – dividing by 1 digit number

Dividing numbers: long division with remainders: Here we go with long division practice. Ever wonder why we call it “long” division? What’s “long” about it, anyway?

Kahn Academy Video – dividing by 2 digit number

Dividing by two digits example 2: Here’s another example where you divide by two digits.

Lesson Plan – Long Division


Learning Goal

Long Division – be able to do it and understand it + uses

Standard: 5.NBT.B Perform operations with multi-digit whole numbers and with decimals to hundredths.


Students do long division (+ rounding; decimals; base 60 conversion – decimals to mins)

Hook / Relevance / Interest

Students design a trip from there real home/school to a place they want to visit and determine how long it would take to get there.

Materials: Computer with internet (MAPPS app); paper and pencil

  1. Students log on to their MAPPS account

Create new map

SAVE SAVE SAVE at each step

  1. Locate your school and place a pin with title “My School”
  1. Find a favorite place in the US you want to visit that is at least 4 states away, but no more than 6

Put a pin there, Title it, and tell why you want to visit in the Description

Place a photo or video of the place that works with the Description

  1. Use line tool to mark the driving route you would take through each state

Begin at (near) the School pin and draw a line following (somewhat) the road

End the line at the state line. Title it with the state name

Begin a new line for each state

(Tip: roads can be seen much better in the second basemap view)

  1. Teacher assigns a speed for each state (or just put up a list of 6 speeds that students will use for the first, second,… state 60 mph; 70 mph; 55 mph …)
  1. Student puts each state speed in the Description for each state route line
  1. Students “Do the math” on paper to determine how long it takes to travel in each state

Put the explanation in each line’s description (240mi divided by 60mph = 4hrs)

This is a great time to (re)introduce Long Division algorithm (see Kahn Academy links above – Boom!)

Teacher decides level of rounding / remainders (whole miles, tenths, full hours, tenths …)

This leads to another cool opportunity for calculating time – if students will be doing hours to the tenth they then must multiply the tenth by 60 to get minutes!

  1. Student totals all the times and puts this number in the School pin description
  1. Push PLAY (Click Share to get url to share with parents, others…)

Additionally, students could put photos that show what each state journey looks like on the state lines