Past Projects

A brief history of the Children’s Media Workshop and its Director, John Schaefer. (Click on gallery images for larger view.)

Videos from past projects

2010- Clear the Air Challenge Morningside
2012 TravelWell (Morningside elementary school).
2014 NPAC comic strip.
CORE standards.
2016 MappsLab Bluff.
2016 Wendover, Nevada / Utah.
Great cities.
A12 Engagement stills.
2016 Ratios Mastery.
Learning MappsLab.
2016 TravelWell powerpoint.
ML- Rose Park (visit liberty).
MappsLab in Turkey.
2017 ZAP movie for CMW.
Rose Park TravelWell program.
2012- Alpine/ Ensign school TravelWell program.
Future Map “could be”.