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27. Creating Your Work Portfolio On The MappsLab App

MappsLab instructions graphic.

26. The Artist’s Portfolio

This week you will have the opportunity to create a platform for others to see your work—your Portfolio.

Gather your best images, and of course continue to work on them, or even create new ones. At the end of the week Stefanie and John will be visiting Detroit to give you  a prototype of a visual digital tool to place your work—the MappsLab app.

This video will give you an idea about what a portfolio might look like—though the most important thing is that it is an opportunity to take a fresh dive into your art, and it is itself a work of art.

Have fun!



25. Stefanie Musy-Verdel – Landscape Architecture

DAY 1: What this Place Needed, was a Place\

Urban Design is a profession where places are created that draw people of different aspirations and backgrounds together. These Designers have a chance to build community and the experience of community. The community accommodates a full range of human activities including living, working, shopping, recreation, entertainment, civic life, education and religious life. Designers have a chance to build vibrant public spaces that help expand people’s social networks- more than any online social networks. Citizens need welcoming, well-defined public places to stimulate this face to face interaction, to collectively celebrate and/or mourn, to gather for public or civic events, and to admire public art. Design excellence is the foundation of successful and healthy communities.

I want you to think about an outdoor space that you like to meet up with friends or family? You might go to this spot just to hang out, or to relax, or it may be a place where you go to see and be seen.

Where is this place?

Why do you choose this place?

Now I want you to imagine re-creating or designing this space somewhere else.

Can you imagine improving your chosen spot?

Is there a public place that you have been that you really enjoyed?

When designing your space think about how you will engage people passing by. What kind of animated programing (urban food production, sports courts, interactive fountain), public art, street furniture, plant life (trees, bushes, flowers, grass) hardscape (patterns in paving) or lighting will draw people together for shared enjoyment and endeavors. Urban designers look at how design can enhance the way people experience a place

Draw it, take a photo or describe it and submit.


“It turns out what this place needed, was a place” (2min)

“101 Small Ways You Can Improve Your City” Review this article, click on any video links that expand on the concept. Use these ideas to create your new space. Design it on paper, google draw or Canva and submit your work!

100 Ways Video:



Review these videos for design inspiration and precedence.

The High Line, New York (10min)

40 Amazing Transformations of Urban Spaces: Before and After Images (article)

40 Before and After Examples of Urban Architecture Transformations

This project was imagined in the Urban Simulation course for a place in Milan, Italy. The possibilities of Graphic Arts (6min)

Millennium Park, Chicago (8:41min)

Public Art (4min)

Public Art (1min)

Pocket Parks (4.5min)


Detroit* Street Art Murals in Detroit (article/ choose videos)


Detroit* Oakland Avenue Urban Farm (3min)

Detroit * Joe Louis Greenway (2min)


TinkerCad intro (9:46)

Link to joining TinkerCad

class code to TinkerCad


Drawing in perspective (3min)


Concept Design/ Bubble Drawings (4min)



24. Seth Brown—Graphic Design Professional

This week you will experience Seth Brown, just a few years older than you, already a recognized professional.

Throughout the week please take your time to relate to Seth and use these videos to inspire you to make any work that you choose to make, and/or catch up on previous classes.

The Force be with you!

Seth Videos To Come


23. Those of you that haven’t responded to Franque’s call to collaborate please do so ASAP.

Those who have made at least one image can start designing some illustrations that would go into her poem.
The Force be with you.
More Great work!
Great work!

22. Collaborate With Franque Bains—Illustrating Her Poem YESTERDAY

Watch poet, writer, artist Franque Bains read her work Yesterday.

1. Please create a Cover Design for this poem.

2. Then see if there are places in the poem where you are inspired to create other designs that could work within the poem on a printed page—real Graphic Arts with a purpose.

Franque is excited to see your work in collaboration with her work!

Franque Videos To Come

Franque Bains


I saw a Black woman shining
She chose to speak up
She dared to step out
She had the audacity to carve out her own path
Despite the voices
You see
Since she was a little girl
She’s been told, time after time that she’s got it all wrong
She’s too tall
Too short
Too dark
Too pale
Too loud
That one’s the worse
It hurts the most when they try to shut you up
Those careless messages plant a seed in the heart
And what is heard on the outside
Begins to grow inside
So when I saw her yesterday
I knew
She’s had to quiet a multitude of thoughts
I’m not good enough
I said too much
How will this look?
Yesterday, I sat in awe
As she walked in the room
Wearing a pair of beautiful wingtip oxfords and a bright blazer
I saw her speak up for her point of view
And not say sorry once
Yesterday, I saw her
Put on 4 inch pumps, slick back a fierce cut
And shout so that everyone could hear
That there’s no imposter in this room
She said, Anyone’s doubt that I’m worthy
is not my burden to bear
You see
You write your own story
You dictate
What voices you choose to entertain
Yesterday, I saw her
Wearing one hell of a sensible shoe
Shine through it all
She said
It’s because I believe in myself
She said,
Yesterday, I saw her light in myself
Today, I see this light in you
Sometimes you just need a reminder
They might snuff out the flame
But your embers still glow, baby girl
You always have something to kindle
Yesterday, my sister’s flame sparked my own
The brighter we shine
The wider our flame spreads
If we keep on shining
We could
Collectively, we’re unstoppable
It all starts with one light
Yesterday, I saw a Black woman shine
And I quieted those voices
I give myself permission to be


21. Making Vector Art

What is a vector drawing??


Now watch the video below and make your own vector graphic.



20. Photos To Drawings

Turn your photos into other images.



19. Make It YOURS

A student/artst from Cornerstone asked me why I said, “Make it yours,” since all her drawings were “hers.”

What I was trying to say, maybe not well, is that the artist was using native American styles well; but, now bend it and shake it so that it is truly recognizable as “yours”—your style and no one else’s.

Like Miro


Like Helen Frankenthaler


18. Ellen Bates On Why/When 3D v 2D Art Making

Big/Interesting Ask—Make some abstract art based on the Native American Rock Art Style.

Ellen Video On 2D To Come


17. Ellen Bates On Anasazi Art In Utah

After watching Ellen’s video below, create art that means something to you in a Petroglyph (rock + drawing) style of your own.

Ellen Video On Anasazi Art To Come


16. Native American Art

Watch the video below and use it as inspiration to make art of something important in your life—but do it in a Native American style.




15. Early Human Art

Watch the video below and use it as inspiration to make art of something important in your life—but do it in a “primitive” style.



Week of April 18-22—Playing catch-up


Simone Leigh Venice 2022 —New York Times, April 2022



14. Friday April 15th





13. Thursday April 14th

Great photographers pay attention and try to control, EVERYTHING.

Impossible of course, but I do pretty much go through all of this with every image I care about—which is every one I work on!

This applies to all art forms—the great fun is working the details.

Don’t worry about understanding everything—just enjoy!


12. Wednesday April 13

The Details = The Whole

Try breaking up some images into details that work.



11. Tuesday April 12

Light Drawing—shaping the light in your photographs

It is important to note that this session is about learning to SEE THE LIGHT, so to speak.

Some different equipment is used here—but you can start with a simple piece of white cardboard, even paper.




This one is pretty over the top—but the light is worth appreciating.



10. Monday April 11

2D 3D— Georges Rousse

Rousse uses photographic angles + he paints the scene to play with your brain—also known as trompe l’oeil (French for trick the eye).

Work—Make photographs using angles in compressing the 3D (actually 4D with Time) world to create art. Feel free to arrange/create the subject like Rousse.







9. Friday April 8

Kenneth Wayne—Mobile Photography + Snapseed for Post-production—Powerful Free App!!—I use it daily 



8. Thursday April 7

The famous artist Andy Warhol used (appropriated/stole/used??—like rappers taking Beatles’ riffs) the photos of others, using iconic photographs of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and wildlife photographer Peter Beard, even commercial logos, then played arpound with the tones and colors and scale to create great art.

Please try with your own photos or someone else’s images—MAKE ART!!




Peter Beard—Wildlife Meets Andy Warhol


7. Wednesday April 6

Ansel Adams Day—What every great artist uses: Intentionality & Control (& Luck)




6. Tuesday April 5

Photo Post-production Adjustments—EXPOSURE, CONTRAST, SATURATION, CROPPING

EXPOSURE—overall lightness or darkness

CONTRAST—the degree of separation between the whites and the blacks
High Contrast has few midtones just very white whites and black blacks

SATURATION—The amount of color in an image

CROPPING—what’s in the frame, what’s not

Place two identical images on Canva and make adjustments to the one on the right—PLAY!


5. Monday April 4



4. Thursday March 24

This is THE most important concept in photography



3. Wednesday March 23

Today’s art
1. Look at the way the corners and shapes are used in my Sun Tunnels photos below
2. Make some photos today—use CANVA to draw lines of visual motion and intertest on a couple of them like I did on mine and upload the photos with power arrows/lines.

BTW, I always am I aware of these forces—but I often don’t see them fully until I look at my photos later…























2. Tuesday March 22

Today’s art work
1. Download and view my 2021 photo book below, The Sun Tunnels
2. Make and Post 2 photos that use the four sides of the photo—what’s in and what’s out— with a personal twist

Please click the link below and download my 2021 photo book on the Sun Tunnel’s in the Utah Desert by Nancy Holt








Here is a solid video on the Sun Tunnels—I can’t wait until we are there together some time…