ConnectED Esri K-12 Mapptivities Account







Esri, the world leader in interactive mapping, is partnering with the Children’s Media Workshop to make powerful organizational accounts available to Mapptivities lead teachers.

This is a prototype, there are sometimes glitches, you’re on the cutting edge. Contact us if things don’t work as outlined below. The Force be with you!

To obtain a classroom account
1. Click on the .docs below to download them, follow the instructions on the CONNECTEDREQUEST.doc, then email both in one email to:


2. In “about 48 hours” you should receive your account from Esri
After you have an account please “Invite” John Schaefer into your account using the email below and make him a fellow “Administrator”
In the email tell John how many student accounts you want

The Dept. of Education ConnectED Initiative

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