A Sense of Place

PLACE = space + people

Thomas Child made his own PLACE when he made Gilgal Garden - combining a location (space) with his presence (people). He further defined this as his very Special PLACE by creating and installing the sculptures and other forms of art.
Over time many people have come to love and share his place, each one making it in a sense their own PLACE. Each person sees Child’s art as he installed it, but reacts to it in their own individual way, sharing ownership of this very special PLACE with the artist.


1. Describe a PLACE that is special to you.
If you cannot think of anything consider the places that you inhabit in your daily life as Sacred Places (bedroom, dinner table, playground, street corner, etc.)

2. Explain what makes this Place special to you.

3. Choose one of the 13 Garden features and compare it to your special PLACE.
Be specific:
- how is it similar to your Place
- how is it different