Bluff Elementary School Transformation Project

The Process & 21st Century Skills - 5 min video

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Funded in part by a Dept. of Education School Improvement Grant (SIG) we are creating a model for transforming education, while targeting a "failing school" that is in one of the most remote areas of the US and 80% Native American. 

Using methods based in authentic learning we are accepting head-on the challenge that relevancy is a key to engagement, coupled with the fact that the average US student does over 7 hours of media a day, the vast majority of it with no critical aesthetic.

Our goal is to integrate 21st Century teaching strategies and new media technology to meet the needs of today's learners. Utilizing a whole brain approach, creative and critical thinking skills are employed, along with inquiry-based instruction across the curriculum and involving the entire school community.

We advocate a teach less learn more philosophy to build skills throughout a community of learners and combine authentic with traditional assessment to better represent life-long learning potential. 


The Bluff - Palestine Connection
5th Grade responds to Davey Davis' students in Palestine Refugee Camp - March 2011
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A week of authentic technology