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Although this is a toy ad, it is an amazing and creative commercial that speaks to that inner engineer in all of us. It also speaks to the disadvantage that most girls have when it comes to advertisements.  Rarely does media encourage our female youth to examine their curiosity and get their hands dirty.  We need to share this innovative and inventive world of engineering and science with our girls!  Plus I love the remix of the classic Beastie Boys song.

Goldieblox Commercial

CMW welcomes all the new Educational Change Agents!

CMW wanted to take a moment and welcome all our new ECAs (the title says it all).  These guys are the pioneers, explores of new technologies, the go-getters…really in all honesty, they are our guinea pigs for the time being. Over the next couple of months, our ECAs and their classrooms will get to test […]

We often think about how much change can one person really do? Here is a wonderful and encouraging article on how much change can occur when given the space to think outside the traditional educational lines.

wired magazine story photo

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Hello worlds!

Hi Everybody! So, this is going to be the new Web site for the Children’s Media Workshop using WordPress as a content management system and we’re getting excited around here! Here’s a few reasonswhy: This will allow more back-and-forth communication for everyone involved. Quicker updates on what we are focusing on. The new site will […]